Pachouli home diffuser


This is a unique flavor, rich texture of the home aroma diffuser, which spicy notes easily spread throughout the room. The aroma is dominated by pachouli, a bit of a hint of dimmed licorice dimmed tone.

Pachouli is the ingredient that makes a whole perfume manufacturing industry. Its aroma is so unique that it is simply impossible to forget it. Pachouli symbolizes Eastern luxury, although it is believed that the Victorian chests smelled exactly pachouli. Due to its strong, distinctive aroma hundreds of years used in perfumes, incense, as medicines and as insect repellents.

Pachouli is grass family plant, which came from tropical regions of Asia and widely cultivated in China, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and West Africa.

Highest quality essential oils
10 pc. of natural reed sticks
200 ml. glass bottle

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