Shipping & returns


Delivery of goods at is FREE to LITHUANIA, LATVIA, ESTONIA.  It is carried out by VENIPAK courier service within 1-2 working days after receiving payment for the goods. Please NOTE that you have to provide all correct  information such as: shipping address, zip code, contact phone number that courier could contact you. Make sure that during the working hours 8:00-17:00, you will be able to receive the parcel at the address you provided.


Delivery and return of goods at is PAYABLE to all countries except LITHUANIA, LATVIA and ESTONIA. Delivery cost 15 Euros. We deliver goods by courier service UPS, DHL, GLS, VENIPAK or LOCAL POST depending on the country.


Goods can be returned within 14 days from the date goods where received. You can return the goods by going to your profile, selecting the section “Orders”, “View” the order you want to return, “Return the order”. Select which items you want to return and after filling in the reason, click “Submit”

You can also return the goods by filling out the “Return” form or simply by contacting us by email:

After receiving your request to return the goods:

  1. We will call the courier to the address you specify, where someone will be able to deliver the item during business hours 8:00-17:00.
  2. We will send you a sticker that you will need to print and stick on the package.
  3. The courier will call you and will take the parcel.
  4. Upon receipt of the parcel, we will refund the money to you after deducting the return shipping costs.

These conditions must be met when returning the goods:

  • the returned goods must be in the original, undamaged packaging;
  • the product must be undamaged;
  • the product must be unused, without losing its commercial appearance: undamaged and uncut labels, peeled protective films, etc.;
  • the returned product must be in the same configuration as Buyer received;
  • returned goods must be packed in additional packaging for transport (for example box or protective envelope).

Upon receipt of damaged packaging or goods that do not meet the requirements of the return rules, we will return it to the sender.

Return of goods via UPS, DHL, GLS, VENIPAK courier.

  • Pack the returned goods and prepare them for shipment (Coocoomos is not responsible for improperly prepared and damaged shipments).
  • Courier to pick up the shipment to your specified address will arrive within 1-2 business days. The courier will contact you by phone before arrival.
  • After filling out the return form on weekdays by 14:00 and upon receipt of the sticker, the shipment will be picked up from you the next business.
  • Shipments are collected from 8:00 to 17:00.