About us

Simple luxury hidden in forms, raw fabrics, authentic design and philosophy of creation and manufacturing.

COOCOOMOS FAMILY business history started in 2013 and it is strongly rooted to big passion for fashion, high quality fabrics and sustainability. Brand is associated with extraordinary quality fabrics – cashmere, merino wool, silk, cotton and timeless design solutions. Coocoomos brand focus on effortlessly elegant design and function. It combines craftsmanship, clean lines, sumptuous fabrics, exquisite simplicity and sportiness. This label means luxury multifunctional casual wear.

Coocoomos products are exclusively marked “Created in Lithuania” label.

COOCOOMOS PHILOSOPHY is to create high quality, long-lasting casual clothing from natural luxurious fabrics, utilising designer fantasy and artisan craftsmanship.

COOCOOMOS IDEOLOGY – to design casualwear that stays in the wardrobe forever, allowing for effortless mixing and matching. Creating a balance between design vision, raw fabrics and authentic handmade details.

COOCOOMOS ETHICS – we work in an ethical and sustainable manner, focusing on preserving the natural environment. We work with the most experienced professionals in their field, who have generations worth of experience.

We aim to produce timeless, high quality garments that respect the people who make our clothing and nature.

COOCOOMOS STYLE – classic elegance livened with modern unexpected details. It is timeless items representing harmonious between freedom, comfort, refinement. Choosing Coocoomos it means choosing minimalism, finesse, quality and fair values.

Coocoomos has an ambition to become a part of Your fashion world, a part of Your social life and a part of Your wardrobe.